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Portraits Gallery

Displayed below are some examples of portraits (head and shoulders and full body) created from photographs.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in having portraits done in any of the media examples displayed.  Multiple portraits from multiple pictures can be combined as one painting or drawing.

Portrait prices are approximate for a head and shoulders rendering. 

Charcoal                                       $45
Color Pastel (oil or chalk)          $60
Oil painting                                 $130

Matting and framing costs would be extra and dependent upon mat and frame choices. 

Pets oil pastel drawing sample
Created from 2 seperate photographs
Approximate image size  12 X 18        

Color Pastel chalk drawing sample

Created from seperate photographs

Charcoal drawing sample

Oil painting (22 X 28) full body sample  (approx. $500 to paint from a photograph)
* 1st Place (oils or acrylics)  2001 MWPI Sidewalk Art Show Peoples Choice Award

Colored Pastel chalk drawing sample from a photograph

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